Turbocharger regeneration

A turbocharger also colloquially named with such names as: "turbo", "turbine" is an element of the engine's equipment that provides more air to the cylinder of the engine burning its mixture with fuel. Thanks to this extra dose of air, the power of the internal combustion engine is increased. The turbocharger consists of two elements - a turbine and a compressor, which are connected by a shaft.

Vag-Expert has a professional workshop for turbocharger regeneration. We have specialized tools (a rich park of specialized equipment, professional balancing machines for turbine regeneration, TurboTest Cimat test table) and staff trained in this field. We regenerate all models of turbochargers from cars, trucks and machines.
Thanks to the regeneration carried out in our workshop, the efficiency of the turbocharger is restored for a fraction of the purchase price (a new turbocharger costs from a few to several thousand zlotys).

Independent finding of a turbocharger failure by the vehicle user is not obvious, which is why it often goes unnoticed for a long time. The failure may be reported, among others, by a decrease in power, loud turbine operation and clouds of dark (black or dark blue) exhaust gases coming out of the exhaust pipe.

We start regeneration by assessing any external damage, then dismantle the entire device, and the body goes to clean, which removes all impurities and any signs of corrosion. Thanks to accurate measurements of the elements, we know which elements need to be replaced and which can be further exploited after regeneration.
Regardless of the degree of wear, we always replace the rotor bearing, thrust rings, oil flinger and all sealing elements. After assembling all elements, we check on a professional pressure testing device and turbo charger performance. During tests, the turbocharger accelerates to 40,000 revolutions per minute and then to 250,000 revolutions, which simulates the operation of the system under normal conditions.

If you want to learn more about how we regenerate compressors, please visit: www.turbo-expert.pl.

See the video on how we regenerate turbochargers

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