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How long does it take to be repaired in a Vag-Expert workshop?

The waiting time is about 10 days, but it is worth sticking to this "queue" because we provide services on time and we always return the vehicle on the agreed date.

Can I use the oil change or a simple technical check immediately, without making an appointment?

Services such as changing oil, filters, other operating fluids, brake system components or suspension, simple general inspections, checking slack and leaks - we usually do it on a regular basis, however, you should agree on the date by phone: +48 669 20 30 40 or : +48 334 321 444 (Note! Special number for Czech customers: +420 55 80 80 009).

Can Vag-Expert take care of transporting my car to Skoczów?

Transporting the car to the workshop is not a problem - we have our own tow trucks and we can pick up the vehicle from the indicated location and drive it to the place after performing the ordered service.

How long does it take to overhaul or replace the engine at a Vag-Expert workshop?

It depends on the type of engine and the problem we will have to deal with. Usually it is from 2 to 14 days.

Is it better to renovate or replace the engine?

Due to the multitude of factors that should affect the final decision in this regard, we can not clearly answer this question. We invite you to the second of our websites, entirely devoted to the repair of engines:

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