Computer diagnostics

We perform full diagnostics of all, even the latest, VW, Audi, Seat and Škoda models

We offer the following services in the field of computer diagnostics of vehicles:
• reading errors saved in the memory of all controllers,
• resetting errors after removing faults,
• programming and configuration of the car's electronics

We make modifications to the engine controller software in the scope of:
• power changes (chip tuning),
• removing the particulate filter (DPF, FAP),
• catalyst removal,
• deactivating the AdBlue system,
• change in starting dose,
• changes to unit injectors,
• removal of defective EGR valves or vortex flaps and air supply dampers.

In addition, we offer:
• car key programming,
• programming car remote controls,
• correcting the mileage indication in all controllers (eg when replacing the meter, engine controller or gearbox).

Why should you use computer diagnostics of vehicles in VAG-EXPERT?

We perform diagnostics using original, constantly updated, VCDS and VCP software.
We also carry out computer diagnostics as well as coding and software updates of all car controllers with the original Volkswagen Group diagnostic tester (ODIS online).
We program and code all controllers in the car.

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