Chip tuning engine

We are the official distributor of modifications from renowned tuning companies: the world-famous Italian brand MAGICMOTORSPORT and the Polish market leader, V-TECH

Chip tuning is to increase power and torque by reprogramming the engine controller. The increase in power and torque due to the mere change of engine control software varies from 10% up to 50% depending on the car model.
Our workshop carries out TDI TSI and TFSI chip tuning. We provide this service on all VW, Audi, Seat, Škoda and Porsche models with TDI and turbo gasoline engines. In all VAG cars manufactured after 2000, we make software modifications through the vehicle's OBD diagnostic connector.

As part of the chip tunning offer, we provide services:
• We are changing the engine controller software, increasing its power and torque.
• Along with tuning, we can turn off: particulate filter, EGR, probes, limiting sensors, factory limitation of the maximum speed of the car or limitation of the maximum engine speed.
• You can also limit the maximum speed or speed in each gear.
• Sometimes we repair vehicles that use unprofessional modifications.

Why should you use chip tuning in VAG-EXPERT?
• We only use original, manufactured by reputable companies, devices to read the engine driver software.
• Modifications made on our website are safe for the engine and other components of the car.
• We are the official partner (distributor) of software modifications from reputable tuning companies: the world-famous Italian brand MAGICMOTORSPORT and the Polish market leader, V-TECH.
• When you decide to perform tuning on our website, you can be sure that you will receive a modification that has been carried out by professionals with many years of experience, and that it has been thoroughly tested and checked.
We do not sell modifications to unknown authors that could cause damage to the car. We warn against such chip tunings, because we have repeatedly repaired vehicles in which an unprofessional modification was used, coming from unknown authors, not previously tested on other cars.
• Each customer receives from us confirmation of the originality of the software (certificate) and warranty.
• You can always restore the software to the factory version or the version that was in the controller.
• We are also changing the software for automatic transmission controllers (not all models) - so that you can take full advantage of the increased tuning torque and engine power.
• Before performing software modifications (chip tuning), we check the efficiency of the engine and components.

A properly made chip tuning will never cause any damage to the engine or components of the car.

In the Vag-Expert workshop you have the opportunity to choose not only the type of modification, but also its author. We make the next modifications in the field of chip tuning and tuning:
• optimal modification - increase in power and torque by approx. 25% + a slight decrease in fuel consumption,
• strong modification - increase of power and torque to 40% with a slight increase in fuel consumption,
• eco-tuning - a significant, even up to 25%, decrease in fuel consumption without limiting the car's power and performance,
• individual tuning - tuning with design changes, e.g. another turbocharger, injectors, etc.

We use modifications of known and recommended authors:
• Magicmotorsport,
• V-tech,
• TMW.

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