Injector regeneration

Common rail is the most popular injection system in modern passenger car diesels. Unfortunately, injectors as part of the system wear out the fastest, and the cost of replacing them can reach up to several thousand. Fortunately, they can be subjected to the regeneration process - properly performed regeneration restores the original parameters of the injector completely. Depending on the degree of damage to the injector, the price of such regeneration ranges from PLN 200-800.

As one of the few companies in Poland, we give new codes for Common Rail Siemens VDO Continental / Bosh / Denso injectors. We also revitalize the piezo stack of Siemens VDO Continental injectors by eliminating short circuits between the layers of the piezo stack. This improvement of the injector allows us to use the Carbon Zapp CRU2R device operating with a current signal of the appropriate profile.

We regenerate BOSH, DELPHI, DENSO and SIEMENS / CONTINENTAL Common Rail injectors in passenger cars and trucks (all types - Piezo, Electromagnetic and Dual-coil). We have modern equipment for injection systems, including the Carbon Zapp CRU2R diesel and gasoline injector tester authorized by VDO to test Siemens VDO Continental injectors with energy control.

The injector regeneration process requires the IMA code (short for: Mengen Abgleich Injector). Neglecting this obligation could lead to a serious failure of the power unit and also cause a malfunction of the exhaust system. We code Common Rail injectors in our workshop, giving individual IMA codes.

The whole process of injection regeneration takes place according to the following stages:
• disassembly of the injector,
• testing the CR injector with the Carbon Zapp CRU2R device,
• valuation and customer contact,
• cleaning the CR injector: external by ultrasonic method with protection against cavitation and internal high pressure using a chemical detergent,
• complete replacement of seals,
• replacement of other elements if they are worn,
• reassembly of all components,
• adjustment of setting dimensions,
• setting appropriate injection doses,
• retest.

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