Regeneration of DPF/FAP filters

The diesel particulate filter is part of the exhaust system, fitted in modern diesel cars. Its widespread use began in 2006 in connection with the introduction of European exhaust gas standards EURO 4.

The particulate filter is responsible for catching soot particles contained in the exhaust gas and burning them later. There are two types of filters: FAP belongs to the so-called wet filters, which use a special fuel additive and dry filters to burn the soot, which is so-called DPF, in which soot burning occurs when the exhaust gases reach a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius.

Dust that gets into the filter gradually clogs it, which causes loss of performance. The car achieves increased idle speed, the fan runs more and more intensively, the power drops, the fuel consumes faster, the emergency mode is activated, frequent DPF regeneration tests are carried out while driving, an excess of engine oil may be found. Ignoring the problem of clogging the diesel particulate filter can result in seizing the engine or turbocharger as well as stopping the registration certificate and fining.

The new diesel particle filter is an expense of several thousand zlotys, but it is not necessary to replace it - the diesel particle filter can be effectively regenerated, although some prefer to get rid of the problem by removing the filter, which means that they decide to act to the detriment of the environment and operate on the border of the law. The cost of regenerating a DPF or FAP filter is comparable to the cost of removing it. Thanks to our work, the particle filter will be like new. We warn you - it is not worth removing DPF or FAP because traffic law in this area is to be tightened - a car without a particulate filter may not pass the annual review.

We regenerate DPF and FAP particulate filters in passenger cars and trucks.

Regeneration of the particulate filter is nothing more than thorough cleaning of soot, ash, PM10 dust and everything that lies on it - we remove up to 98.5% of impurities. In the regeneration of DPFs, we focus on an innovative cleaning procedure using the Swiss FF Solution device.

More details on regeneration of the DPF filter can be found on our website

See how regenerated DPF / FAP particle filters in Vag-Expert in the film:

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