Fuel pump regeneration

In the event of a fuel pump failure, the driver has the choice of replacing the pump or regenerating in a good workshop (cost from 1 to 2.5 thousand). If the car is already a dozen or so years, the price of the new pump may dangerously approach the value of the car (the cost of buying a new high pressure pump is up to several thousand zlotys), which puts the profitability of the entire project into question. The alternative may be to buy a used pump, but in this case we have to take into account some risk, because no one can guarantee the real condition and durability of the subassembly.

The optimal solution is regeneration of the injection pump, including replacement of all seals with new ones, replacement of damaged elements, cleaning of other elements together with the casing, adjustments and assembly. A professionally regenerated pump works the same as a new device.
We have professional, precise equipment for repairing modern injection systems. The reliability and accuracy of our specialists guarantees regeneration at the highest level.

At Vag-Expert we regenerate fuel pumps:

  • Common Rail Bosh (type CP1, CP1H, CP3, CP4),
  • Common Rail Delphi (type DFP.1, DFP.3, DFP.6),
  • Common Rail Siemens VDO Continental,
  • Common Rail Denso (type HP2, HP3, HP4).

Due to the relatively simple design and the minimum amount of electronics that control the system, injection pumps in older diesel engines were able to work without problems even at mileage of half a million kilometers. However, increasingly stringent emission standards and the need to reduce fuel consumption have forced traditional pumps to be displaced by common rail injections.

Failure of the high pressure pump can be manifested by the inability to start the engine, difficult engine start, lack of power, uneven engine operation (rpm), black smoke, or loud engine operation.

The most common causes of an injection pump failure are: mechanical wear of individual components, especially at high mileage, the use of contaminated diesel fuel (e.g. heating oil), no timely engine oil change (in row pumps), untimely replacement of the fuel filter, electrical failures of valves, failures electronics in pumps with EDC electronic control.

The pump repair process takes place in the following stages:

• disassembly of the pump into individual elements,
• verification of the condition of all components also using a digital microscope,
• cost estimation and customer contact,
• cleaning all pump components using ultrasonic cleaners,
• replacement of damaged and worn parts,
• replacement of internal pump seals in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations,
• reassembly of the pump,
• pump test on the test bench.

More information on our website: www.commonrail-expert.pl.

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