Engine repairs

World Championship in the category of engine repair

We provide comprehensive engine repairs, regenerate car heads, and bore and bus engine blocks.

We work on machines from reputable companies: Sunnen, Newen, Comerc, Kwik-Way and Comec. We carry out major repairs of all diesel and gasoline engines for VW, Audi, Seat, and Škoda cars. We repair and replace engines for customers from all over Europe, as well as Asia and Africa. You can easily entrust us with your car!


Check the procedure of repairing or replacing the engine in a Vag-Expert workshop:

  1. We have our own tow trucks, so if you are unable to come to Skoczów, where our workshop is located, we will organize the transport of your car, regardless of the distance that separates us. We even imported cars from Tunisia and Libya for repair!

  2. After verifying engine damage, i.e. within a maximum of three business days, we will contact you to suggest several possible variants for repairing or replacing the engine. We will present all the advantages and disadvantages as well as the exact costs of individual solutions, answer all questions and doubts, and advise you professionally and impartially.

  3. When you make the final decision about how to repair or replace, we will do a professional overhaul or replace the engine. Check opinions about our work on the platform https://dobrymechanik.pl/.

  4. For the entire duration of the repair of your car in our workshop, for a symbolic amount you can get a replacement car. We can also deliver it to the place from which we will collect the vehicle for repair.

  5. After the repair we will take the car to the place from which we picked it up. You will receive a bill and a written guarantee of 12 to 36 months (depending on the option selected).

  6. We will take care of your vehicle's safety during repair and transport.

  7. Your interests are secured by our contract with WARTA insurer.

See the movie how we operate

See the movie how the TFSI engine overhaul works in our workshop

Why should you use engine repair or replacement in VAG-EXPERT?

  • Thanks to experience and knowledge we have been able to renovate every gasoline and diesel engine.
  • We have repaired sophisticated and unusual engines.
  • We provide 12 months unlimited mileage warranty for engines after repair and installation.
  • When performing a major renovation, we replace all wearing parts - just like we do at factory repairs.
  • We only use parts from manufacturers that make them for the VAG group used in the production of cars.
  • We do not experiment and save on details, we do everything in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • We have been dealing with engine repairs for over a dozen years. We have many regular customers - including workshops from Germany.
  • We have repaired engines for customers from many different European, Asian and African countries, including from Germany and Austria (many of these vehicles travel up to 150,000 km per year).
  • We carry out engine repairs and replace engines for ASO from Poland and abroad
  • We also have a lot of used engines, tested with a guarantee of origin and mileage. We also offer ready engines after regeneration (for replacement) to shorten the service time. The customer decides whether to replace or repair it.

We encourage you to visit other websites of our company that are devoted to the topic of engine repair: www.naprawsilnik.pl and www.tfsi.pl. There are descriptions of the most common engine defects and detailed lists of activities performed during the regeneration of engines and replaced parts.

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